Scoresby businessman offers words of wisdom

May 1, 2013 by  

A businessman in Scoresby has been offering advice to other company owners after a miracle recovery.

When Rodin McKittrick started his own business, he hoped to set his family up for life. Instead, things went pear-shaped and he had to put the family home up for sale. In retrospect, he admits to making wrong decisions. He said:

“If a competitor was undercutting me, I’d just drop my prices without any cost analysis. And we were spending more than we were earning. We were headed down the gurgler.”

After 13 years, he was in serious debt, resulting in potential bankruptcy. Five years ago, he tried again to operate a small business, this time using the services of an accountant.

McKittrick invested wisely, purchasing a party goods hire service in the Scoresby Village Shopping Centre. The service industry suburb has been an ideal choice, with the business growing substantially.

McKittrick attributes his change of fortune to sensible accountability and a proper business plan with accurate cost breakdowns. Professional accounting was crucial to success, a lesson well received by any prospective business entrepreneur.

His prior debts are now being regularly repaid and there is a chance McKittrick may even be able to re-acquire his former home, after having to pay rent to his own family just to get by.

Expert accounting has made a massive difference to McKittrick’s business. Location is also important, with the Scoresby Village Shopping Centre an ideal small business district.

Scoresby print companies are also close at hand, creating digital business cards and other materials suited to the party hire business.