Seaford RSL promotes Anzac Day observation in schools

May 6, 2017 by  

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia, for soldiers past and present who have given their lives for their country. In 1915, April 25 was the day the Australian and New Zealand forces landed at Gaba Tepe (now called Anzac Cove) on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

In recent years, Anzac Day parade organisers have made rules that exclude descendants of those soldiers from marching in the parade behind the battalion banners of their ancestors. Instead they may only march at the back of the parade. While controversy over this move continues, Seaford RSL has been instrumental in encouraging learners to have their own commemoration ceremonies in schools.

In the true spirit of the words ‘lest we forget’, which are used on both Anzac and Remembrance Day, Seaford RSL’s organisers have involved scholars in their own commemoration of these solemn occasions. Since 2015, schools in Seaford have collaborated, using their own choirs, bands and buglers. Each school designs and makes its own wreath, and they choose their flag raisers, wreath layers and speakers. Scanning and digital copying ensures that every scholar has the order of events and can join in.

While some Australians throughout the country who observed Anzac Day this year may worry that old traditions are being lost, this is not the case in Seaford.