Senior singers hitting the high notes

April 13, 2013 by  

Fremantle seniors are being given the opportunity to perform at the healthy lifestyle expo, thanks to an initiative by Diana Blackwood, founder of the Seniors in Harmony project.

Beginners are welcome to participate in practice sessions prior to the big event, where they will be showcasing hits by John Denver, Bob Dylan and the Everly Brothers.

The inspiration arose when Blackwood noted her elderly mother experiencing periods of isolation. Seniors in Harmony provides an outlet for fun and an opportunity to make new friends. Blackwood said:

“It’s really about empowerment. A lot of people think they can’t sing. When they realise they can actually do it they feel great.”

Singers will be ably guided by the musical direction of Joanna Ayckbourn. Through her work in psychology, she has incorporated singing therapy, and the results have been substantial. Patients have been aided with improvement in physical and mental health. She said:

“They drag their butts in at the beginning of the day looking horrible and they’d be bouncing out of there with energy and smiles on their faces.”

She insists that the program doesn’t require perfect pitch or even experience, just an interest and willingness to learn as part of the group. Advertisers are encouraged to get on board with the project by way of flyer printing and poster printing services provided by Fremantle print shops.

Seniors wishing to get re-acquainted with their vocal chords can get along to Melville Girl Guides Hall on April 20 for the first practice session. Ms Blackwood can be contacted on 0407 770 753 for more information.