Showground future the focus of $1m masterplan

December 2, 2017 by  

The Hills Council is to create a masterplan that will focus on the development of Castle Hill showground.

Mayor Dr. Michelle Byrne said an amount of $1m will fund the study which is being undertaken to determine the showground’s future for the next century, and beyond.

She said the 130 years of the local site, highlights of which had been documented by printing services in various history booklets, had seen it play an important role in the lives of locals, adding:

“However with more people moving into The Hills, the construction of the Sydney Metro Northwest, as well as an increase in density around the train stations, this well-loved community asset needs to provide more leisure, passive and creational opportunities for residents going into the future.”

Dr. Byrne said the master plan will consider active ways to use the large open spaces while also catering to the requirements of a burgeoning population.

She said the site could be transformed into a cultural and leisure precinct and become a real centrepiece of the region.

Opening the venue up to a wider representation of community groups, visitors, and residents will also be considered.

The showground site is located adjacent to where the new Showground Station is currently being built.

The NSW Government has earmarked the Showground Station Precinct as an area for growth and Dr. Byrne is keen to see the showground become a “communal satellite hub”.