Small businesses offered advice on how to make a big impact

August 30, 2012 by  

The Victoria Small Business Festival, which has been taking place this month, is nearly over but there is still time for small business owners to pick up a few more tips to help them grow their business.

The festival, which is supported by the Victorian Government and co-ordinated by Small Business Victoria, aims to help small businesses to learn new practical skills that can improve their growth and competitiveness.

One of the final events takes place today, August 30, when three industry leaders will be taking to the stage to talk about how to market a business and how to maximize potential. It also provides a good networking opportunity for small business owners from Braeside to meet other business people from across Melbourne.

This event focuses on using technology as a marketing tool and introduces some of the latest developments, such as social media marketing, which can be used alongside more traditional marketing strategies like flyer printing. It aims to give small businesses the marketing tools they need to compete alongside bigger companies.

The speakers will be Dominic Thurbon, co-founder of ChangeLabs, who will talk about collaboration in business and Peter Williams, from Deloitte Digital, who will discuss the growth of social media and how it can be used by small businesses. The third speaker, Paul McCarthy, a former professional musician turned business speaker, will demonstrate how small businesses can stand out from the crowd.

The event is being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. For more information, visit the Victoria Small Business Festival website.