Smart benches could come to Campbelltown

May 30, 2017 by  

Campbelltown Council is considering the introduction of smart park benches that will allow residents to enjoy technical perks while out and about.

Smart benches are solar powered and allow for phone recharging. Further, they can enable Wi-Fi and facilitate the provision of a cooling fan. Residents are likely to welcome the installation of the benches and marketing services in Campbelltown could gain from an modern approach.

Mayor George Brticevic told the Daily Telegraph:

“If you’re at a park, skatepark or library you could save on your data and recharge your phone while the kids are doing their activities. I also think people talk about how kids and adults are staying indoors these days and using their devices, well this could provide the best of both worlds.”

Clean Energy Australia (CEA) is behind the distribution of the benches. The items are the consequence of Croatian innovation and are called Steora Smart Benches (SSB).

The smart benches are subject to current council trials taking place across areas in the vicinity of Perth. Campbelltown Council will take note of the outcomes of the trials, and employees of the local authority will be looking at similar products associated with other manufacturers too.

Mayor Brticevic is optimistic that benches can be working within Campbelltown by 2018. However, he has underlined that the initiative will be subject to budgetary constraints.