Solar farm on the Sunshine Coast gains recognition

May 1, 2018 by  

A solar farm located on the Sunshine Coast received an award recently.

The farm in question has secured various accolades in the past. This time around, the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm (SCSF) got a prize in a category for sustainability. The event where the award was delivered took place in Brisbane. Local businesses that do well at events can use business card printing for promotional purposes.

The Local Government Managers Australia Awards ((LGMAA) concentrate on the promotion of excellence. The idea behind the LGMAA is that projects which are related to sustainability should be encouraged. Some initiatives aim to drive the sustainability of local authorities, while othes try to embed sustainable communities.

The panels of the SCSF have been fitted in position already. The site of the farm is located within Valdora. Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast’s Mayor, explained:

“The solar farm is just the start. We see this project as a catalyst to developing a clean-tech hub in the region and an opportunity to further develop this industry sector, encourage increased external investment in the region, and help drive increased and sustainable employment.”

Mayor Jamieson knows that the SCSF is a bold move. He understands that it stretched the capacity of local government, but wants to underline the values of the council. Ultimately, the Mayor would like the entire region to be creative, healthy and smart.