South Melbourne tattoo shop bombarded by AFL fans

November 4, 2017 by  

Following Richmond’s first successful premiership in 37 years, Richmond Tiger fans have celebrated in a very unique – and permanent – way.

City of Ink, a South Melbourne tattoo shop owned by former Richmond club champion Jake King, was bombarded by AFL fans who wanted to celebrate their victory using a meaningful tattoo.

Ryan Wilhem, a devoted Richmond fan from Perth, made a bet before the AFL premiership – he promised to get a tattoo of the grand final hero if the Richmonds walked away with victory. Keeping his words, Wilhem was one of the many fans who flooded to City of Ink to get a tattoo.

Dustin Martin, winner of both the Brownlow and Norm Smith medals, became an instant hero among adults and children alike. While the adults engraved their skin with the Richmond logo design and Dustin Martin himself, inspired younger fans got new haircuts based on the Dustin Martin look – with the sides of their hair shaved off in a mohawk mullet style. One particular fan even went the extra mile to get a tattoo of the likeness of the Dustin Martin on his backside.

According to Jake King, after the AFL premiership, the day of his tattoo shop started with multiple emails and Facebook messages, along with around 60 phone calls throughout the day. King said he really appreciated the chance to provide his services to clients on this special occasion.