South Melbourne’s new vertical living townhouse trend

December 14, 2017 by  

Thin and tall townhouses with four or five storeys is beginning to gain popularity across Melbourne, including South Melbourne, especially for millennials who are becoming less interested in a traditional house with a big yard requiring maintenance.

According to Koos de Keijzer, founder of DKO Architecture, his company had worked on quite a few of such townhouses across Melbourne, including the new South Melbourne four-storey townhouse project – the Habitus Townhomes on 10 Boundary Street.

The starting price of these individual townhouses are around $1.35m. Each of the 27 individual units include a home-office and garage on the ground floor. The next level consists of the main living area, where the next two levels consists of bedrooms, a bathroom, and even a potential additional living area.

The new townhouse concept involves a design approach which transforms the traditional apartment into a vertical floorplan. A façade that resembles a normal apartment complex is also often maintained, which makes the townhouse easily accepted by buyers with more traditional tastes.

The housing market in Victoria is ever-changing, with new house designs always popping up due to the increasingly populated city and the competitive markets for architects, builders, and developers. If you are interested in the latest housing trend in the city, take out one of those real estate agent’s business cards from your drawer and make a call today for an update.