Springvale sees record population growth as part of Melbourne migration boom

July 26, 2018 by  

The record number of migrants moving into Melbourne’s southeastern areas has led to a variety of views about the cultural and social impact of new arrivals settling into only one or two specific parts of the city.

Last year the City of Greater Dandenong, which includes the suburb of Springvale, counted 4,048 new migrants in an area where already only 36% of residents are Australian born. The large net increase in population across Melbourne has created new commercial opportunities for printing services.

Australian Population Research Institute researcher Dr. Ernest Healy said cheaper housing in an around Springvale caused above average migrant inflows to the suburb, which can then lead to disadvantaged communities of people with limited English skills and job prospects. He told the Herald Sun:

“The constant residential churning results in an urban mosaic of different groups of people on an ethnic or cultural basis.”

Victorian Government Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott commented that the state leads the nation in the integration of newcomers to Australia.

Many new arrivals to Melbourne are Asians with students visas, who mainly settle in inner areas such as Carlton and the CBD. One young couple commented on the reasons for leaving their country for Australia, explaining that cleanliness and friendliness of the country are a refreshing change to their native China, which they describe as ‘overpopulated’.