Springvale’s Melbourne Leisurefest a success

October 31, 2017 by  

Earlier this month, the annual Melbourne Leisurefest held for caravan and camping lovers was successfully held in Sandown Racecourse, Springvale. The event was organised by the Caravan industry Association of Victoria.

As of 2015, Australian holidaymakers who have ventured on a caravan or camping trip have reached a significant 7.1 million people. In 2016 alone, the recreational vehicle manufacturing industry generated a revenue of $1.8bn. Investing in caravans and campervans is often said to be a smart move due to their attractive long-term resale value.

This year, the pet-friendly Melbourne Leisurefest allowed patrons to bring along their pet dogs on the happy outing, although there was a restriction of one dog per family. Celebrity vet Katrina Warren was also invited to the event to provide free advice to people on bringing dogs to family holidays.

One of the main attractions at the event was a four-wheel driving course designed with challenging obstacles, including mini rocks, logs, hills and water crossing.

A wide range of four-wheel driving, boating and camping exhibitors were present at the event to share their expertise on camping and caravanning with holiday lovers. The vibrant event was made successful by banner printing and eye-catching display, which allowed visitors to easily spot any services of interest to them. Many of the showcased services and products were brand new to the market, giving visitors a chance to preview them before they hit the shelves.