St. Kilda to call Moorabbin home again

April 1, 2018 by  

St. Kilda Football Club has recently announced its return to Moorabbin in a development plan to build a new ground called RSEA Park, which will be the new home to the football club.

The second stage of the plan will also provide homes for the TAC Cup club Sandringham Dragons, the Southern Football Netball League, and the South Metro Junior Football League.

Years ago, St. Kilda made a dramatic exit from Moorabbin following a breakdown in negotiations with the Kingston Council. The main reason for the dispute back then was regarding the $16.5m redevelopment plan, as well as issues over gaming machines. In 2010, the football club then moved to Belvedere Park, Seaford where they were welcomed by the City of Frankston.

According to John Bennett, former St. Kilda forward who holds a place in the SFNL hall-of-fame, the leaving of the Saints from Moorabbin years ago was a “disaster” and was largely a political move. Bennett also added that Moorabbin is a spiritual home of sorts to the football club. He also expressed that it is great that the Saints are back in Moorabbin, not only for the club but also for the local community.

According to Peter Summers, president of St Kilda, although the club has enjoyed superior support and first-class facilities at Seaford, Moorabbin is a very special location for those who remained faithful to the club over the years.

St. Kilda is one of the most popular AFL clubs in Australia with a huge fan base. Fans are often seen showing their support towards their team by performing banner printing to display during games.