Staff from university near Slacks Creek hit the road

May 1, 2018 by  

Academics from Griffith University near Slacks Creek are travelling to promote careers.

The Griffith University team is keen to drive enthusiasm for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, and researchers have taking on a road trip to build awareness of the opportunities. Promotional pens can be useful for organisations trying to engage with the public.

The Logan campus of Griffith University is highly accessible for students from Slacks Creek. Dr Gui Lohmann, an associate professor, said:

“The STEM Showcase is the only travelling showcase where prospective students in regional locations can ask an expert face to face who has relevant advice for their dream career. For example, students who are interested in a career in aviation will discover that Griffith’s aviation degrees have been developed in conjunction with industry leaders.”

Dr. Lohmann specialises in the subject of aviation. However, he has research interests in the management of tourism too. This means that he has a wealth of knowledge and insight to get across.

All the experts from Griffith University are able to deliver one-to-one advice. They have plenty to say about the diversity of the STEM packages the University can teach. As well as this unique capacity, the academics will provide tips about the employment opportunities of the future. STEM subjects can give students the ability to adapt to fresh challenges.