Be sensible with your stationery printing

For many companies, the image that it projects is of huge importance, as it plays a part in its success. One of the easiest ways that a company can enhance this and maintain it is by making use of professional stationery printing, to ensure that a consistent business image is used.

You may have designed a logo for your business yourself, or employed a graphic designer to do so. Including this on your website, or even as a signature, is a relatively straightforward process. However, including it on any outgoing letters, invoices, receipts or compliment slips presents a host of different challenges. Most businesses do not have professional printing equipment, or a printing expert to hand, so their efforts may not be wholly representative of the professionalism of the company as a whole.

There is also the price to consider. Keeping a desktop printer in ink can be expensive, and as your company grows, this option will make even less financial sense. No matter what the size of the business is, there is always a budget to consider. It may be tempting to order something ostentatious, but how much bang for your buck you get an important consideration.

Instead, it is worthwhile using a company that is experienced in stationery printing, such as Minuteman Press. Not only do we have cutting edge digital printing equipment, which is able to produce consistent, pin-sharp results, but we use only the highest grade papers and inks. We also have an incredible amount of experience translating what ideas you may have into the exact stationary you want, no matter how vague they may be. In addition to all this, we have many print shops across Australia, meaning you can call in and speak to one of our expert staff.