Struggling businesses targeted in new `The Mentor’ series

December 16, 2017 by  

Liverpool businesses that need a helping hand towards achieving success in their chosen field have been applying for a new television show, planned to go to air next year on Channel 7.

At the helm of the new show, The Mentor, will be well-known businessman and Yellow Brick Road founder Mark Bouris, who came to national prominence as host of The Apprentice in Australia, followed by The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Bouris said he had issued an invitation to small business owners within the City of Liverpool to feature in the new reality TV production.

The series will follow the successful businessman on his journey into the lives of a number of struggling business owners, for whom he will offer practical techniques to assist them in maximizing profits.

His aim, in particular, is to help out enterprises that felt alienated from the “sophisticated tools of corporate Australia”. He adds:

“I know the environment is tough but I want people that are tougher, people that can take my direction and run with it.”

The incidence of small businesses experiencing trouble at some stage in their development, he said, was quite high, but it was largely due to owners not having a business mind.

A familiar face on promotional poster printing, Mr Bouris who founded Wizard Home Loans in 1996 and sold it eight years later for $500 million, said he is keen to work with Liverpool business owners as part of the new television series.

Applications closed on November 26.