Students support active school travel initiative

February 12, 2019 by  

The Active School Travel programme has started for 2019.

The initiative, introduced by Brisbane City Council in 2004, has since involved in excess of 100,000 primary school children from Woolloongabba and throughout the city suburbs.

This year, an estimated 24,500 students are expected to take part in the programme, according to Councillor Adrian Schrinner, Public and Active Transport Chairman. He said that since its introduction 157 schools had taken part in a joint effort with the council to encourage healthy and active habits, adding:

“As the Active School Travel Programme continues to grow, we are seeing more people swapping the car in favour of walking, scootering, cycling or catching public transport with a 21% reduction in car trips last year.”

When it comes to active transport, walking has emerged as the top choice with a rise of up to 16% in the number of children electing to walk to school. Active travelling figures combined have assisted almost two-thirds of certain school communities in Brisbane to do away with using the car to get to school.

The benefits of such a programme are many with the councillor listing its positive impact on congestion and safety around schools plus the physical benefits to students who are able to live a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Programmes such as Active School Travel have often been the focus of major flyer printing and media initiatives. This latest success, according to Councillor Schrinner, has attracted global recognition.