Study finds Randwick to be popular among professionals

January 25, 2018 by  

A recent study based on data collected through the 2016 census has discovered some interesting housing trends of people in Sydney based on what they do for a living.

A major finding was that employees in the essential services industry – including nurses, teachers and police – tend to live in the outer suburbs of Sydney. This is because housing near to the central business district has become unaffordable.

According to the chief executive of housing advocacy group Shelter in NSW, Karen Walsh, the issue of unaffordability is the main reason why essential services workers are forced to live far away from where they work. She also indicated that the lack of mixed communities in Sydney suburbs is an unhealthy trend.

Many professional workers such as doctors and lawyers were found to settle in suburbs located closer to the city. For example, Randwick was found to have the most university lecturers due to its proximity to a major tertiary institution – the University of NSW.

Also, the highest number of nurses and midwives were found to live in Randwick, mainly because a few big hospitals are located nearby. Moreover, the area was especially popular with doctors, lawyers and legal practitioners.

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