Study reveals way to ensure surf’s up at Scarborough Beach

October 30, 2017 by  

A recent study has revealed quality waves could be produced by a $16.9m rock installation at Scarborough Beach.

The finding is a revelation for frustrated surfers from Balcatta and throughout the City of Stirling that have been dogged by the underwater bathymetry and straight beach that effectively “close out” waves and make them rarely rideable.

The construction of an artificial reef, however, could change the situation for the better, according to DHI which is a well-respected consultancy in marine engineering.

The Scarborough Beach Association Action Plan has included the establishment of an artificial reef to help revive the precinct along the foreshore.

According to chief executive of Surfing WA Mark Lane, the reef represents an ideal way to enable surfing to be undertaken on this particular stretch of the coastline year-round as well as offering surfers a better quality ride.

To date, the Cottesloe-Mosman Park area has Perth City’s only artificial surfing reef and it is located 300m offshore.

Quality waves are rarely produced as a result of its establishment but DHI spokesman and engineer Simon Mortenson said technology had progressed greatly since it was built 20 years ago and the proposed new reef at Scarborough would be a big hit with surfers.

The report, which features a graphic design of the project, cited the northern side of the Scarborough Amphitheatre as the best potential site for the reef.