Support grows for unique market-style products

February 27, 2017 by  

Residents of St. Leonards, Willoughby and throughout Sydney’s North Shore are showing great support for a unique new markets concept.

That Great Market, which originated in Lindfield, has expanded its reach to a second site in the foreground of Crabbes Avenue’s Club Willoughby.

According to Jacqui Landis, Market Organiser, there are plans for the event to be held as a regular feature once a month on the site.

She said the availability of a diverse array of food plus the unique nature of stalls and activities was quickly making the markets a popular inclusion on the social calendars of locals.

Landis said the choice of stalls within the marketplace is incredible and quite a sight to behold, unlike anything seen in the average shopping centre.

The focus, she said, is on items that are a little different than most and this is what makes That Great Market so unique and appealing.

Landis said markets foster community and the moment the signs go up to advertise the next event, people start to get excited. The non-structured environment allows for plenty of space for everyone.

That Great Market provides a retail experience which is also a wonderful day out for the entire family, she said.

It is expected the markets in Willoughby will become a regular monthly feature, with the next one planned for March 12.