Sydney designer gives logo advice for Penrith’s small businesses

April 27, 2013 by  

A memorable and unique logo is sometimes all that stands between the success and demise of businesses in Penrith, according to designer Vince Frost, of Sydney’s Frost design.

Frost speaks highly of logos which connect the brand with the customer for return business. It begins with considering the emotional benefit the logo offers to customers. According to Frost:

“Being original is vital. Don’t copy or imitate. You will be found out and it will be costly. Thinking big from the beginning will give your brand more potential in the long run.”

Considerations for today’s varied advertising mediums include the ability to re-size the logo without losing identity, and the potential for animation, which can offer flexibility for a larger business. It is also significant to note that many iconic logos, such as the symbols of Nike and Apple, tell more about the standpoint of the company, rather than what the logo can do. Frost expanded:

“Otherwise, Apple would have a computer for a logo, and Nike a shoe.”

Thinking laterally will deliver the brand to a much broader customer base, something that is difficult to obtain by a literal representation of the service or product. If a logo has to be explained, it is a failure, according to Frost.

Companies wanting to get a foothold in the market will do well to employ the services of an expert like Frost. Another consideration could be to employ the services of a reputable printing company for the provision of eye-catching, logo-driven advertising materials.