Sydney secures Global Summit of Women

May 25, 2017 by  

Sydney’s bid to host an event named the Global Summit of Women has proved successful.

The Global Summit of Women could contribute in excess of $2m to the economy of New South Wales during 2018. Corporate gifts from St Leonards will no doubt be used at the prestigious event.

The event has been compared with Davos. Business leaders and politicians from around the globe will converge on Sydney.

Lyn Lewis-Smith, the chief executive at Business Events Sydney (BES) stated:

“Hosting events like the Global Summit of Women will be a catalyst for greater economic empowerment of Australian women by shining a spotlight on underperforming areas, eliciting tangible commitments from our leaders to change the status quo.”

Lewis-Smith highlighted a report that EY has produced recently. This research found that allowing the potential of women to flourish on a global scale would have approximately the same economic impact as adding a billion people to the international workforce.

Over 50 Australian politicians, entrepreneurs and industrialists got behind the national bid. Carnival Australia’s Ann Sherry played a significant role in promoting the collective effort.

Sherry confirmed that the stage will be used to showcase best practice. She has recognised that Australia has initiatives that might inspire action elsewhere, and has also noted that the country can benefit from paying attention to what works elsewhere.