Tablet-making firm to build headquarters in Dandenong

January 12, 2017 by  

Print company in Dandenong printing services Dandenong, Print company in Victoria printing services Victoria is set to host one of the world’s largest facilities for the production of pharmaceutical tablets.

The facility, owned by Komipharm International Australia and to be constructed in Dandenong South, will also benefit from a State Government grant, which local MP Gabrielle Williams said has been awarded to assist in the company’s expansion.

Being made available through the Local Industry Fund for transition (LIFT), the grant will enable Komipharm to establish a new global headquarters, which will also be a hub for research and development in Monterey Road.

Williams said the new facility will create many benefits for the local community, including the need for business cards with 40 new jobs on offer.

She said 10 positions will be filled by former automotive industry workers who were among many whose jobs were lost when major car manufacturers closed recently.

An expansion of Kominpharm’s global sales footprint is also expected, with the new headquarters being better placed to access the Western Europe and North American markets.

Williams said LIFT grants totalling $6.47m have been announced for 12 businesses, including Kominpharm, during the past month.

She said the money is to fund the expansion of businesses in order to create new positions for automotive workers who have been retrenched.

The MP said significant challenges faced the region following the closure of auto manufacturing and these latest grants are focused on helping those affected transition into new jobs.