Townhouses to be built in Brimbank

April 30, 2017 by  

An area within a growth corridor of Melbourne will be the site for townhouse construction.

The section of Brimbank has been obtained by a developer from China. Savills brokered the deal. Brochures from Tullamarine might be used to promote the completed townhouses. Nick Peden of Savills told The Urban Developer:

“Whether it’s infill sites, suburban fringe sites or even landbanking opportunities, the prospects for residential development in Melbourne are generally regarded as virtually bullet-proof within the development community.”

The site in question is conveniently situated. This is in part because of the presence of a retail hub in the vicinity. However, easy access to education facilities is also handy. According to Julian Heatherich of Savills, the local transport infrastructure is already in place. This means that there should be plenty of demand for housing in the area.

The site is almost 9 hectares in its extent. Over $11 million has been spent on the acquisition of the land. However, certain portions of the space cannot be developed for residential purposes. This means that there is a plot of only about 4.5 hectares where townhouses may actually be built.

Data from ABS shows that the population of Melbourne has passed the 4.5 million mark some time ago. At least 80 per cent of the most dynamic Australian regions can be found within the boundaries of the state of Victoria.