Transformation of Perth’s East End begins

May 30, 2017 by  

The regeneration of East Perth will receive a boost from the Westin Hotel development.

The new development is to be located on Hay Street. The entertainment area will occupy a space once occupied by a fire station. It is likely to add vibrancy to a part of the city close to the core business district, and demand for letterheads in East Perth may increase as a result.

Jim Tsagalis of Lease Equity told The West Australian:

“It’s a really exciting time for the city’s east end. We are at the very beginning of the gentrification of this area. Treasury has already hit benchmarks. With Northbridge, Perth City Link and Elizabeth Quay, it will all have a multiplier effect.”

The Hay Street development will be on 28 levels. From the top of the building, it will be possible to view Perth Stadium. BGC Construction has invested up to $500m in the scheme. It has been suggested that the scheme could have a similar urban impact as the David Malcolm Justice Centre. A comparison has also been made with the city library of Perth.

The entertainment precinct that will be created is intended to be open for 24 hours a day. RobertsDay, which has expertise in urban design, was engaged by BGC Construction. A range of venues will be provided and these will be accessible to hotel guests. Local people will also be encouraged to visit the bars and eateries.