Trial set to add colour to shopping hubs

July 20, 2017 by  

Pop-up banners and advertising signs in Caringbah ’s central shopping area will be enhanced by the installation of colourful planter boxes throughout the busy centre.

The initiative to replenish streetscapes throughout the busy central business districts of Kirrawee, Caringbah and Cronulla is being trialled by Sutherland Shire Council.

Since June this year, the plan has seen 30 boxes introduced into areas where natural landscaping on a large scale is not an option.

Sutherland Shire Mayor Carmelo Pesce said:

“These planter boxes are painted in bright, modern colours to match the street banners and provide a burst of natural colour to soften the streetscapes.”

The hardiness and each plant’s ability to cope with varying levels of shade and sun were instrumental in the plant selection process.

The Mayor said Council will be responsible for maintaining the planter boxes but local businesses have also been asked to help by providing regular water, and to also monitor and report any vandalism. She said:

“The success of these planter boxes is dependent on cooperation and shared responsibility, and this trial is a great opportunity for council and local businesses to work together to improve the appearance of our shared community spaces.”

Results from the pilot programme being undertaken in the three centres will be the subject of a future report to Council.

It will then be determined, according to the Mayor, whether the planter boxes programme will be expanded to include other business locations within the shire.