‘Trust licence’ keeps Springvale students motivated

April 6, 2013 by  

Springvale Rise Primary school children are motivated and well behaved for a different reason. Forget outdated punishments and detention; these children are keen to keep their well-earned “trust licence” as a reward for good behaviour.

The trust licence program, which has been running for the past three years, is not a reward for academic performance, which would exclude slower learners. It is a desire to learn in a co-operative environment that is treasured – and rewarded.

The licence has different levels of attainment, and can lead to various privileges, such as extra iPad time and the opportunity of presenting the system to visitors. The system has caught the imagination of schools across Australia, with more than 20 establishments visiting Springvale Rise last year to learn about the program. In fact, there has been so much interest that visits had to be limited to minimise disruption in the classroom.

Principal Annette Hilton believes the trust licence program has empowered students, who now take pride in school work, giving them a sense of personal responsibility. A bonus is that misbehaviour has become rare at Springvale Rise since the system’s introduction, with hardly any students having their licence revoked.

School Council President Sean O’Reilly said:

“Repetitive rote learning is less useful in the 21st century. Springvale Rise is leading the way in teaching students how to learn.”

He believes it is important in today’s classrooms to give kids the opportunity for self learning by filtering information from various sources, using available technology. The trust licences, which look similar to digital business cards , are a great way for children to value their schooling.