Tullamarine airport operator says rail link best located in city’s west

June 20, 2018 by  

The operator of Tullamarine airport has stated its preferred route for a planned railway link running from Melbourne’s CBD.

According to Australian Pacific Airports Corporation, the long-awaited train route would be at its most ‘fast, frequent and affordable’ if it were to run through Melbourne’s western suburbs, with a major interchange at the existing rail station in Sunshine. The customer lounges at Tullamarine airport are already a place where many business cards are exchanged and a new public transport route will likely bring extra demand for printing services to the area.

Airports Corporation executive Lorie Argus said the existing transport situation at the airport will become ‘messy’ without a rail link, as passenger numbers are expected to double to around 70 million over the next two decades. A recent upgrade of the airport freeway has only ‘bought some time’ for the 120,000 vehicles travelling there each day, Ms Argus said. She added the Sunshine route makes the most sense because it is close to several major transport routes coming into the city from regional areas and that a mass-transit service should be able to emulate the consistent service of the Skybus freeway service.

The route through Sunshine is so far also preferred by the Victorian State Government, which needs to make a decision by September in order to secure partial Federal funding for the scheme.