Tullamarine school to receive classroom expansion

November 16, 2017 by  

Tullamarine Primary School will soon have new classrooms after its buildings containing asbestos are replaced.

The project, funded by the State Government, will cost around $4.57m and is expected to be completed by mid-2018.

Anna Ruhle, principal of the school, told the Herald Sun that the school has two buildings that are 60-years-old and contain asbestos. Also, the roof, floors and windows of the classrooms are in poor condition.

Fundraising activities have previously been carried out to raise funds to maintain the classrooms. However, the buildings are said to currently be in such a bad state that they are beyond repair. Children are still able to use the classrooms for basic learning, but the conditions are not ideal for the sake of their safety.

The school will receive proper modular buildings after the old dangerous buildings are demolished. The modular buildings will be installed on site after being pre-constructed offsite – this will minimise interruptions to the daily activities of the school. Toxic fibre will be safely disposed of away from the premise.

Asbestos safety is an ongoing concern in Australia, where many campaigns have been rolled out to educate people on the importance of being vigilant towards the possible danger the substance poses. Poster, banner and flyer printing and distribution have been carried out periodically in an attempt to spread the message to the public.