Uncertainty about public housing in Clifton Hill

June 13, 2018 by  

A recent report cast doubt about the future of some public housing within Clifton Hill.

The inquiry in question found that redevelopment plans for some of Clifton Hill’s housing were not clear enough. Print shops can be useful for those involved in the property sector. The report said:

“Any sale of public housing land, particularly in prime locations in inner-suburban Melbourne, should be properly justified and provide a large benefit to public housing tenants and the state.”

Nevertheless, the urban renewal policy will continue to have some support. This is partly because the condition of the buildings necessitates regeneration. Martin Foley, a minister with responsibility for housing, wants vulnerable citizens to get adequate housing. He is prepared to take on board the findings of the study.

The inquiry highlighted that a few procedural problems had cropped up. Tenants in the accommodation were not informed about their future rights via paperwork. The tenants moved out to enable development to take place, but they were not sure if they could move back to their estates on the completion of the renovations.

A further complication related to the quantity of future housing provision. The alleged discrepancy happened because the new developments did not include as many bedrooms as the old ones. Not every stakeholder was satisfied by the expansion of the number of buildings. Regardless of the difficulties, it seems that hundreds of units will be transformed within Melbourne.