University of Melbourne invests in engineering

March 29, 2018 by  

The University of Melbourne is to invest almost $1bn into an engineering school.

The University of Melbourne is prepared to upgrade infrastructure and staff. Nearly $1 billion will be allocated to three campuses going forward. Graphic design from Melbourne can help people in a range of different economic sectors. Academic Anne Hellstedt is leading the initiative. Dr Hellstedt explained the strategic vision to Create Digital:

“MSE2025 is a major initiative within the University of Melbourne Growing Esteem strategy, aimed at creating the entrepreneurial leaders and amazing technology of the future. The university will also embrace opportunities to work with its neighbours around precinct wide sustainability initiatives.”

The state government of Victoria has put its support behind the approach. The ultimate idea is that engineering industry can be pulled towards Fisherman’s Bend. Commerce and academia can then gain from working together. This collaborative plan may attract residents and workers to the area.

The University of Melbourne has got off to a fast start. Within the last few weeks, the institution signed an agreement with BAE Systems Australia. This deal will permit students to work with data and resources that belong to the corporation in question. As a result, students will have their practical skills enhanced, making them ready for the world of employment.

Recent graduate Jacqueline Beech said that the future for students is likely to be a bright one. She highlighted the importance of becoming embedded in networks for career development.