Victoria package takes inadvertent detour via Welshpool post office

June 29, 2018 by  

A grandmother has been left anxious and confused after discovering her online shopping order was very late in arriving due to it being shipped 3,000 kilometres in the wrong direction.

The purchase of two toy dinosaurs from buying and selling site Gumtree made an unexplained detour via the Australia Post distribution centre in Welshpool, Western Australia, after originating in Queensland and eventually being sent on to Pauline Hicks’s home in Victoria.

Said Ms. Hicks:

“[The toys] left Queensland on Friday the 8th of June and arrived in Victoria on Sunday the 10th of June.”

However, after reaching a sorting centre in the western part of Melbourne, the package was shipped all the way across the country ending up in Welshpool. When Ms Hicks sought assistance with the issue from Australia Post she was directed to the company’s online chatbot customer service system. The chatbot provided an explanation for the delay which could be described as a basic rundown of parcel delivery logistics, without offering any specifics related to Ms. Hicks’ case of circuitously travelled mail.

After raising the issue with the media, a spokesperson from Australia Post apologised for the incident, saying:

“Clearly something went wrong with this parcel, and we’ve since spoken to the customer to apologise and arrange delivery.”

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