Print Companies in Geelong

Geelong, Victoria, has a colourful history that dates back to the first European visitations in 1802, but it wasn’t until 24 years later that squatters George Russell, James Strachan and David Fisher arrived to spark settlement in the area. Geelong has since grown to become Victoria’s second largest Local Government Area, with a population only exceeded by the state’s capital Melbourne, which is located some 75km to the north-east.

Named in 1827 and surveyed in 1838, it didn’t take long for business to be established, including a store, hotel and post office in 1840. A major port situated around the Barwon River and Corio Bay, Geelong became home to the burgeoning wool industry. As early as 1841, the first load of wool had departed for England and a regular steamer service was operating between the port and Melbourne.

The area also experienced a brief boom period from an influx of prospectors during the mid-1800s gold rush in the Ballarat district, with trades and services quick to emerge. For example, print companies in Geelong are believed to have started way back to 1840, when James Harrison first published the Geelong Advertiser.

A growing demand for business card printing and other printing services provided print companies in Geelong with a strong basis on which to build. It’s a service that has retained its viability in the modern economy, becoming a valuable marketing and promotional tool for organisations and businesses of all sizes.

By 1910, Geelong had officially become a city. Essential services such as electric light were introduced and major bodies such as the Geelong Waterworks and Sewerage Trust, as well as the Geelong Harbour Trust, had been established. In 1913 the Market Square welcomed its first store, with industrial growth beginning in earnest during the 1920s. With the assistance of print companies in Geelong, commercial and residential growth soared.

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