Calendar Printing in Mitcham

The first feature film in the world was shot about 21km east of Melbourne’s business district in the suburb of Mitcham, Victoria. Key scenes of the 1906 film `The Story of the Kelly Gang’ were shot at various locations throughout the town. The suburb also lays claim to the `Mitcham Connection’, which is made up of locally-born artists of the Australian stage, screen and creative arts industries, including comedians, poets and playwrights. The Connection was formed in 1996 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival when Quincy Hall, Sandra Long, the McArthur Brothers and several stage directors and playwrights put together four plays into one show called `To Go At Something Bald-Headed’. When it comes to promoting the area, we at Minuteman Press can assist customers with ideas and quality productions in all areas of printed materials, including calendar printing in Mitcham , which provides a full year’s exposure to the host business.

Mitcham, previously known as Air Hill and Emery’s Hill, was first settled during the 1860s. It is believed to be named after an early farm where its owner, William Slater, produced roses and herbs for use as remedies and perfumes. Grape growing, orchards, pottery and brickmaking were common industries in the area at the time. Memories of days gone by live on through attractions, such as the fully restored Schwerkolt pioneer cottage, which was built in the 1880s. Such landmarks are popular features on locally produced promotional materials, such as calendar printing in Mitcham.

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