Stationery Printers in Mitcham

Enterprising settlers who first took up land in the Mitcham area of Victoria in the 1860s were quick to see the economic potential of establishing farms for business activities. Farmer William Slater was one of those early businessmen operating Mitcham Grove property, where he planted roses and herbs, and produced perfumes and remedies. Other settlers built businesses from pottery, brickmaking and orchards. A growing customer base saw small business grow, boosting the need for associated industries such as printers, trades =people, and a post office, which first opened in 1884. Demand for vital business suppliers, such as stationery printers in Mitcham , began to rise. The team here at Minuteman Press provides a personalised and quality service for all clients.

Located 21km from the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Mitcham has moved away from its early farming heritage to become a busy residential suburb to the east of the capital city. Local shoppers mainly frequent the busy commercial precinct at the intersection of Mitcham Road and Whitehorse Road. It hosts speciality shops, fast food outlets, cafes, and supermarket facilities – all of which can use the services of stationery printers in Mitcham.

An original pioneer’s stone cottage, Schwerkolt Cottage, remains as a constant reminder of life in the early days of Mitcham when farms were prevalent. It was one of the first solidly-constructed buildings built in the area, and has been fully restored as a museum facility for public viewing. Here at Minuteman Press, our staff members often use images of historical landmarks such as the cottage as features on printed materials. Call our expert stationery printers in Mitcham today for a free quote.