Premium Business Cards in Prahran

At the turn of the 20th Century few shopping districts thrived as much as Chapel Street in Prahran, Victoria. By the 1920s, the commercial strip of large emporiums and retail outlets even rivalled that of the central business district of Melbourne City. Traders proudly distributed promotional materials such as premium business cards in Prahran to advertise their location and business focus. Recipients included shoppers and professional colleagues such as goods and produce suppliers. Personalised stationery and business cards are among a comprehensive list of print services available from staff here at Minuteman Press.

Prahran continues its well-earned reputation as a top shopping destination within 5km of Melbourne CBD today. Many of the original emporiums and other architecturally significant old commercial structures provide a unique look into the past for visitors to the suburb today and it is not unusual to see logos featuring these grand designs on letterheads and premium business cards in Prahran . Some buildings like the Heritage-listed circa 1914 Reads Emporium remain as city icons. Modern conversions have occurred in others including the Love and Lewis building, which was built in 1913. It has since been converted into a combination of apartments, offices and retail outlets.

The team here at Minuteman Press provides a comprehensive list of print services, which range from logo design to the printing of personalised stationery and premium business cards in Prahran. Contact us today to find out more.