Direct Mail Printing in Tullamarine

The suburb of Tullamarine is best known for being home to the second busiest airport in Australia. Tullamarine is believed to be named after a Wurundjeri man from the time of the British settlement in 1835. Tullamarine was divided into farming lots in 1842 and by the 1950s had become an agricultural community. Then in the 1960s, the government acquired land to build the airport and a freeway. Melbourne Airport contributes greatly to the local economy. Tullamarine has a range of light industries and businesses that both support and utilise the airport- freight companies, couriers, car rental companies, hotels, sign-writers and many more. Tullamarine also has a growing number of housing estates, being less than 20 kilometres from the CBD. This diverse environment creates a high demand for direct mail printing in Tullamarine . Direct mail printing is one of the many high-quality services we offer here at Minuteman Press.

Many different formats can be used for direct mail printing. Tullamarine, with its mix of industries and housing estates is an environment well suited to a mixed media campaign. A local print shop will not only have a dedicated team of specialists to ensure a quick turnaround time and first class service, but also cutting edge print equipment that will ensure every copy is as sharp and colourful as the original.

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