Print Shops in West Melbourne

West Melbourne is the ideal base for exploring all that Melbourne has to offer. This historic region of Victoria’s largest city is centrally located for residents, tourists and businesses. The greater West Melbourne area is a melting pot of people from 130 different nations, many famously represented by restaurants serving regional cuisines, with options deliciously depicted by print shops in West Melbourne .

Easy access to the Melbourne CBD and Docklands by rail, bus or ferry makes West Melbourne a region of interest, and home to bohemian artists and star chefs. Small pockets of Victorian terrace houses and converted warehouses dot West Melbourne’s border with the CBD.

The Port of Melbourne, Australia’s busiest general cargo port, is in West Melbourne. Coode Island is also in West Melbourne, although disconnected from the suburb due to the Docklands and Bolte Bridge constructions. With so much variety only 3km from the city, print shops in West Melbourne are perfectly placed to cater for all printing needs.

Flagstaff Gardens is a real refuge, covering 7.2 hectares, and is the oldest park in Melbourne, being established in 1862. It is a widely used park and one of the most visited in the city, especially by tourists and office workers. The serenity within a vibrant part of Melbourne is another reason why West Melbourne is growing in stature.

Print shops in West Melbourne have a wealth of local history to fuel the creative fire; from the architecture of the Royal Mint to the St James Old Cathedral, West Melbourne remains a dynamic mix of the old and new.