Volunteering WA helps homeless people during event

November 30, 2017 by  

A Volunteering WA warehouse in Welshpool has received generous donations from the public, which included thousands of boxes of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and food.

After volunteers worked hard to sort out the items, Volunteering WA has given around 2,000 homeless people a special treat during a recent volunteering service held in conjunction with the 2017 10th annual Homeless Connect event.

The volunteers who joined the volunteering event included dentists, GPs, optometrists, hairdressers, vets, financial counsellors, and massage therapists. Working together, these professionals spent their day giving out free food, clothes, and other services to the homeless people who attended the event.

According to Tina Williams, chief executive of Volunteering WA, the annual event requires many months’ worth of preparation every year. She added that although homelessness is not a predicament that can be solved easily, volunteering events like this one could draw homeless people closer to their community.

The booth visited most frequently during the event was the one for Births, Deaths and Marriages service, as many of the guests required assistance with their personal documentation.

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