Men’s magazine is a success in Western Australia

April 26, 2013 by  

A newspaper supplement in Western Australia is proving to be a hit with the male audience it targets.

West Mate is fast becoming a must-read for Osborne Park men of all ages. The eight-page, full colour liftout covers a host of subjects, such as sport, fitness and entertainment.

Mike Roennfeldt talks fishing, Rob Broadfield shakes it up with cocktail ideas, and the all-important sport news is delivered by Adrian Barich. Collectors may well be inclined to preserve the debut edition with the assistance of printing services.

In the first edition, Mr Cricket Mike Hussey reminisced about his nervous beginnings in the Australian team, and poured water on any talk of a comeback. The liftout also looked at newly released movies made with the tough guy in mind, while Mike Wood, a pioneering mountaineer, readied the reader to reach the summit of Mount Everest. There’s also a quirky columnist providing solutions to awkward social situations. There’s also legal advice from The Bison.

West Mate, which comes out on Fridays, is an opportunity for advertisers to focus on men on a day when they are gearing up for the weekend, and looking for style inspiration. It is expected that the target audience will be pro-active consumers, brand-driven big spenders and opportunists looking for a good deal. Maximum exposure in pre-game AFL season is sure to have advertisers lining up for a slice of the action. Comprehensive marketing, including radio, TV and poster printing, guaranteed the first edition of the magazine was well supported.