Wangara area sports and activity groups seek facilities

July 26, 2018 by  

The City of Wanneroo, which incorporates the suburb of Wangara, has experienced several delays and setbacks in the search for new facilities for skateboarders and a local cycling club. Sporting events are often publicised with the assistance of brochure printing and flyer printing services.

The council has examined 14 possible sites for a skate park within its boundaries and not found any to be suitable for a variety of reasons. Mayor Tracey Roberts said factors including size, location, and vehicle and pedestrian access had to be taken into account, and she told the North Coast Times of “significant limitations” in all of the possible sites.

Meanwhile, at its June meeting, the council noted new cycling facilities for the North Coast area were not expected to open until 2021 at the earliest. President of the Northern Beaches Cycling Club, Chris Howard, said a new rider education centre and bike park had first been called for in 2013, and the delay could lead to wider issues in the community. Dr. Howard said:

“More kids riding to school would greatly reduce traffic congestion and better prepare the next generation for road rules when they do go for their driver’s licences.”

The City council has said that it is seeking $41.5m from the Federal Government’s Growth Area Perth initiative to create several new sports facilities in the area.