Water on tap for Northern Beaches’ residents

January 5, 2018 by  

Mona Vale’s Kitchener Park will be one of eleven locations on the Northern Beaches to be equipped with a new water station.

A joint initiative by Sydney Water and the Northern Beaches Council, the water stations are being implemented to provide local residents with easy access to drinking water during outdoor activities.

Mayor of Northern Beaches Michael Regan said eight of the new stations will be donated by Sydney Water.

These will include Mona Vale’s Kitchener Park, Seaforth’s Tania Park, Manly Vale’s David Thomas Reserve, Freshwater Beach, Curl Curl’s Weldon Oval, North Curl Curl’s John Fisher Park, Beacon Hill Oval and Terrey Hills Oval.

Mayor Regan said the stations will bring with them many benefits:

“The water stations will help our local environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles going to landfill, polluting our bushland or ending up in the ocean or other waterways.”

He said popular outdoor locations were selected for the stations in the hope that people will become water-aware and carry reusable bottles that can be filled up whenever people are out and about.

“Refillable water stations are also a positive health initiative, providing an alternative to sugary drinks.”

His words were echoed by Jennifer Whittle of Sydney Water who said the local water supply was already filtered and ready for consumption directly from the tap.

Reports on the effect of using plastic water bottles claim the majority end up in landfill or the sea. Public awareness is raised using a variety of methods, such as flyers or brochure printing and television documentaries.