Welshpool area celebrates local artists

September 3, 2018 by  

The City of Canning, which incorporates the suburb of Welshpool, has this year again celebrated the work of Perth artists through its annual

awards program as well as commissioning special works for its council car fleet. Awards ceremonies are often advertised locally with the assistance of poster printing companies.

A free eight day exhibition at the City of Canning Civic and Administration Centre leading up to the awards featured works from 180 artists from across the city including paintings, sculptures, photographic works and mixed media pieces.

Canning Arts Group President Trish Ray had one of her own works in the show, a mixed media display inspired by her love of dogs.

"I did that in a workshop and it was 3D mixed media piece, we were using all these different mediums and techniques I hadn’t used before and in all honesty, it just evolved."

said Ms. Ray. Awards winners were to be announced on August 19.

Another Canning council program has seen the addition of two fully electric cars to its local fleet of cars. The Renault Zoe vehicles, which retail for $44,000 each, produce no exhaust fumes or emissions. The cars have been specially repainted by Perth artist Jade Foo, who covered each one with images of local flora and fauna.

Canning Mayor Paul Ng said the bright new cars show the council is committed to "more sustainable processes".