Welshpool area highway to be brightened up with public art

October 4, 2018 by  

The City of Canning, which incorporates the suburb of Welshpool, has commissioned a series of Australian indigenous art works to add character to a section of the Leach Highway running alongside an aged care facility.

A boundary fence belonging to Rossmoyne Waters Adventist Residential Care Retirement Village will host the artwork on the corner of Leach Highway and Webb Street. The work, named Australis, will demonstrate the connection between the Noongar people and the local bush land. Australis will depict a dragonfly as a representation of the area’s fauna against a water ripple backdrop with leaf shaped lighting.

Local Mayor Paul Ng told the Canning Times:

“The work blends in seamlessly with the City’s commitment to being a more vibrant place, to pushing the boundaries and thinking how we can incorporate art into things we see and use and benefit from every day, like lights or seating, or fencing.”

The funding for the indigenous inspired work will come from the group behind a planned redevelopment of the aged care home, also to be known as Australis. It is the second public artwork in the council area to be approved after receiving funding from a developer. Proposals for public art pieces are often commissioned with assistance from graphic design firms which can create custom letterheads.