Welshpool-based small businesses receive health grants

January 18, 2018 by  

Two Welshpool manufacturing businesses, HS Sales and Pharmascope, have recently received $1,000 grants each following an initiative from Healthier Workplace WA.

Both businesses will use the grants for purchasing sit-stand workstations, as well as additional equipment to improve the health of their staff.

HS Sales will use the leftover money to purchase a pool bike, towels, and wall hooks to better equip their changing rooms. Some kitchen equipment will also be added for the benefit of employees. According to the Amber Ashbrook, manager at HS Sales, the new bike will provide a means for employees to ride to work and back home, and also to the lunch bar.

Pharmascope has decided to apply the remaining funds to sign up for a fruit box service for its employees, while also funding a nutritional educational session. The company will also organise a company-funded small barbecue event.

According to Emily Davey, manager at Healthier Workplace WA, there are many short-to-medium benefits of such health programs organised at the workplace. These include higher employee morale, better team work, and improved individual staff productivity and performances.

Poster printing and display is often carried out at the workplace to encourage employees to adopt a safer and healthier attitude. It highlights the fact that it can be used to truly benefit the overall wellbeing of employees, while improving the success of businesses at the same time.