Welshpool distillery awarded Gin of the Year in London

April 19, 2018 by  

Despite having only been in operation for a few years, Welshpool distillery High Spirits Distillery walked away with a few awards at the first Beverage Trade Network Spirits Competition in London last month.

The family-owned and operated craft distillery is known for its sleek black and white logo design with the letters “H” and “S” artistically combined. The accolades won by the distillery include a gold medal for its High Spirits Gin, Best in Show (Australia) and Best Spirit of the Year (By Quality).

The competition invited a panel of 16 judges from the UK beverage industry to judge the spirits based on the criteria of drinkability, value for money, and packaging. Each judge provided the spirits with a weighted score out of 100. In the event that a spirit achieved a score higher than 90, the participant was given a gold medal.

According to Mike Caban from High Spirits, he and his brother both have the passion towards high quality drinks and local produce. This inspired them to use a type of locally grown hybrid of wheat and rye – unmalted triticale, to create their dry gin and vodka. Caban added that the method of producing dry gin from this base spirit is unique to their distillery, and there is only one other distillery in the world that makes vodka from 100% unmalted triticale.

The future plans for High Spirits are “steady, organic, natural growth”, according to Caban. The brothers may also look into showcasing new products using classic and alternative grains, as well as seasonal produce.