Welshpool farming machine inventor showcases award-winning design

December 29, 2017 by  

A Welshpool-based small business, Rocks Gone, has brought their new flagship farming machines across the state to be showcased – and the response has been great.

Following the release of the Reefinator three years ago in 2014, the company also released a new machine in August this year – the 6 metre, deep-ripping Depth Charger. This new machine’s design is similar to the its predecessor, where the machine’s weight is supported by the modular roller, allowing it to make firm and level seedbeds by crushing clay and gravel on the ground.

The inventor of the machines, Tim Pannell, also walked away with the Farm Inventor Award at the 2017 Newdegate Machinery Field Days based on another of his inventions – the hydraulic roller-integrated Depth Charger. Award events like this are held annually throughout the country, and are among the most ideal places for inventive entrepreneurs to reach out to like-minded individuals are potential business clients. Mingling and sharing business cards with others also open many doors to new opportunities.

According to Mr Pannell, the award-winning Depth Charger has been designed with 1,100 psi and no wheels to steal horsepower, giving it a ripping performance beyond other machines of the like.

Mr Pannell has dedicated some time to showcase his products across WA and South Australia. His daughter, Joanne Pannell, has also helped to showcase the Depth Charger to potential customers at various demos across the State. According to Ms Pannell, they have received quite impressive feedback.