Werribee station among country fire stations with 100% response times

November 9, 2017 by  

An unprecedented release of the Victoria Country Fire Authority (CFA) fire stations' incident response time has shown that Werribee station is among those around the state with impressive incident response rates.

The response time data was shared with the public following a parliamentary enquiry on the fire services restructure bill. More response time data will be released quarterly from this point onwards, with additional data expected to be shared both this month and in January 2018.

Between April 1 and June 30 this year, the CPA of Victoria has been shown to respond to 87% of incidents on time.

Firefighters from stations in Castlemaine, Lara, Philip Island and Sale often failed to reach incidents on time – this was the case for more than 70% of the incidents. On the other hand, the fire stations of Werribee, Mildura, Rowville and Traralgon were shown to meet targets with a remarkable 100% success rate.

According to Steve Warrington, chief officer of the CFA, the response times data proved that the services of the CFA are overall efficient, and that the public should be confident in their capability to protect people from the dangers of fires. However, he also indicated that their services do require some improvement, which they are constantly working on.

Fire danger awareness flyer printing and distribution is often used to educate the regional community on how to avoid wildfires and minimise the associated casualties and damages to property.