West Melbourne gets new AirTrunk facility

November 24, 2017 by  

Tech company AirTrunk has launched a new 50 megawatt IT loading facility in West Melbourne.

Following the launch of this new facility, AirTrunk Melbourne will be known as the carrier of neutral data, with the biggest capacity in the whole of Victoria.

The new facility is the second of its kind among the AirTrunk group in Asia Pacific, following the launch of its Sydney facility in September. Similar to its Sydney counterpart, the new Melbourne facility is a secure data centre to serve cloud, content and enterprise clients, while also meeting the stringent security requirements of the Australian government.

AirTrunk, known for its blue cloud shaped logo design, is a hyperscale data centre specialist. Apart from these two facilities, AirTrunk also plans to invest in various new ones in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Robin Khuda, CEO and founder of AirTrunk, the decision to open the new facility was based on the general shortage of large-scale platforms required to keep up with the development of cloud-based content services. He added that it is important for technology companies to have the option and ability to safety and effectively upscale their data needs.

Philip Dalidakis, Minister for Trade and Investment, stated that the new AirTrunk facility in West Melbourne would strengthen the state’s position as a key technology hub, while also boosting local employment rates.