Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) could be called a world of its own, particularly when it is separated from the rest of Australia by the vast Nullarbor Desert, and from the rest of the world by the Indian Ocean.

The State covers about a third of Australia and basks in sunshine with very little rain for most of the year. It has a very small population in world terms, most of whom live in Perth, and amongst whom are Australia’s richest people, leaders of a mining industry that makes WAa leader, for example, the third largest iron-ore producer in the world. Perth’s CBD is the centre of this boom, and is experiencing a rapid expansion of both commercial and residential projects.

Perth is WA’s capital city, set next to the Indian Ocean and the Swan River. While summer in Perth can be something of an extended ordeal, winter is a more temperate and comfortable experience. WA’s many tourists explore this dry and ancient land, fanning out beyond Perth to forest with the biggest range of wildflowers in the world or travel north to Broome. This seaside town is renowned both for its pearls and as the gateway to the Kimberley region, which was the spectacular backdrop for ‘Australia’ the movie, and where the Bungle Bungles National Park is an almost surreal landscape. Broome’s Cable Beach shows off its 22 km of white sand as well – white beach sand is a WA specialty.

South of Perth travellers will find forests and whale-watching, fine wine and surfing.

Growth is the order of the day in WA, and the printing industry cannot fail to benefit. Minuteman’s franchises in places such as Perth suburbs Welshpool and Osborne Park are well placed to provide for this burgeoning State’s expanding requirements, covering everything from postcard printing to business cards and brochure printing to annual reports.