Calendar Printing in East Perth

The suburb of East Perth in Western Australia is situated conveniently near to the central business district of its namesake city. That means its residents can easily walk, run or cycle to work and makes it possible to enjoy living in this sought-after area without a car. What is now an attractive place to live was once an industrial area, but redevelopment transformed the Perth suburb, creating picturesque locations such as Claisebrook Cove. Businesses operating in the area often choose to use calendar printing in East Perth as an advertising strategy. At Minuteman Press, we know how popular calendars can be when they are designed and printed to a high standard and we produce them for many East Perth firms.

One of the attractions of calendar printing for East Perth businesses is that calendars make excellent gifts for clients, who generally find them useful and display them in their homes. With striking images, which could be of local views, calendars are sure to be regularly admired and, with company branding also on display, this will increase a company’s exposure.

A number of popular and pleasant outdoor locations can be found in East Perth, such as Claisebrook Lake. Beside the lake are numerous restaurants and bars where residents can relax, and the water offers opportunities for activities such as kayaking or fishing. Images of idyllic local spots could be used by firms who opt for calendar printing in East Perth. At Minuteman Press, we provide first rate printing that is sure to enhance your calendar images, so why not call us to place your order?